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Pigeon in Hands Hard Enamel Pin x Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary


  • Image of Pigeon in Hands Hard Enamel Pin x Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary
  • Image of Pigeon in Hands Hard Enamel Pin x Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

This is a project that is dear to my heart:
One of the reasons I got into the pin making business is that I always wanted to help animals and those that do help them.
Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary helps abused and abandoned farm animals in Spain. I have been following them for a long time and always felt so sorry that I couldn't support them financially, when I had the idea of producing pins inspired by the rescued animals that live in the sanctuary to sell those and donate the profits of it. That's how I started producing pins. ♥

To learn more about Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, you can visit this url: and they also have an instagram page:

The pin is 35mm tall and hard enamel with gold plating. It has two pin backs with pink rubber clutches as well as a backstamp. The main colour of the pigeon will be a soft, pale purple.


Seconds will come with visible flaws that are flashier than those of a standard grade pin, so please be aware of that! Since most people who buy this pin are not familiar with what a seconds grade is or might look like, I attached a picture to show the difference between a standard and a seconds grade pigeon pin. You will notice that they eye on the left pigeon (the seconds grade) got polished off a little bit too much so it doesn’t look as detailed as it is supposed to be, but I think they still look perfectly fine. C grades come with the same defect, while the head got polished away a little bit too much as well and might have something additional to that like a little scratch, for example.

Please notice that the colours seen in the picture may vary from the actual colours of the enamel pin because of the lighting et cetera!

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