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Pokéberries Sticker Sheet


  • Image of Pokéberries Sticker Sheet
  • Image of Pokéberries Sticker Sheet

Here you can get a Pokéberries Sticker Sheet inspired by the newest Pokémon, Pokémon Sword/Shield.

The berries that are part of this sheet are the following ones:
♥ Pecha Berry
♥ Chesto Berry
♥ Cheri Berry
♥ Rawst Berry
♥ Aspear Berry

The sheet features two colour versions of each berry, they were influenced by Day and Night/ Warm and Cold/ Sun and Moon tones and are a reminiscent of Pokémon Sun/Moon.

This sticker sheet measures 10x14,5cm.
The single stickers measure around 2x1,7cm.
Every sheet features 20 stickers in total.

This sticker sheet is vegan, which means it was made without animal products as normal stickers (the sticky part) are usually made out of rennet which gets taken out of the stomach of calfs.

A perfect gift for every pokémon fan and sticker collector. ♥


Please notice that the colours seen in the picture may vary from the actual colours of the product because of the lighting et cetera!

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