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Lapras Delivery Service Glitter Sticker


  • Image of Lapras Delivery Service Glitter Sticker

Here you can get a Lapras Sticker with glitter foil.

This design was inspired by the cute jobs you can send your Pokémon to. I fell totally in love with the designs for these jobs, especially with the one which features Lapras as it is my most favourite Pokémon of all. I just had to make a sticker version out of it! ♥

This sticker measures about 5x3cm.

This sticker is vegan, which means it was made without animal products as normal stickers (the sticky part) are usually made out of rennet which gets taken out of the stomach of calfs.

A perfect gift for every pokémon fan and sticker collector. ♥


Please notice that the colours seen in the picture may vary from the actual colours of the product because of the lighting et cetera!

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